Project Description

G03/850 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

1300 614 892

Zero Mode, Box Hill

Zero Mode and rankONE started working together in mid-January 2020, just as COVID19 started making headlines in Melbourne and Box Hill was one of the first areas heavily affected. We were pushing bottomless brunch, set dinner menus, and revenue was on the rise.

Lockdown V1 happened and the strategy changed. As a marketing company, we had to adapt and introduce alternatives to dining in. Zero Mode were more than happy to apply all of our ideas and 10 day ISO packs were created as well as Japanese puffs.

As we were getting closer to the ease of restrictions, we knew we needed a drawcard. We needed the public to choose Zero Mode over all other venues in Box Hill. The idea was comfort food, we started with Japanese Cheesecakes which quickly added Cream Cakes. The team at Zero Mode and tried Cream Cakes in the past and advised it did not work the first time they tried that idea – and our response was; you didn’t have us!

The day dine in was back, on June 1st – we launched the cream cakes with a bang!  We reached 100,000 users across Facebook and Instagram and Zero Mode started selling roughly 30 cakes per day.

It was mid-June and we decided to share a TikTok, and this TikTok blew up! We had received over 200,000 views in a week and sales tripled overnight. With a bit of TikTok influencer outreach, we started hitting the app hard and were featuring nearly every day – some videos being seeing by over 1,000,000 users.

Lockdown V2 and all of our hard work had been shot, so again we adapted. Cream Cakes at home, with customers given the ability to purchase via the Zero Mode website and even via Instagram. The week the site launched, it received over 10,000 views and generated over $8,000 in revenue.

Project Details

Facebook Advertising
Instagram Management
Influencer Outreach
Website Updates
Ecommerce Integration
Instagram Shopping
Menu Consultation
Expense Reduction

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