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For any restaurant on social media, professional photography and videography are essential. As people eat with their eyes, it’s imperative to have quality visual content. We not only showcase menu items to attract customers but also post items with higher profit margins to encourage customers to order what they see.

Zero Mode launched in August 2019 and struggled to build its brand and gain recognition while using another digital agency. One of the most popular additions we introduced was the Cream Cake, which resulted in 400,000 views in the first 48 hours, and business tripled overnight. To adapt to ongoing lockdowns between 2020-2021, Zero Mode introduced DIY home packs and an online store, which help generate $35,000 in weekly revenue!

By introducing new menu items, Zero Mode was able to garner media attention from various outlets, including Broadsheet, The Urban List, Concrete Playground, GoodFood, Delicious and The Herald Sun. These features have gained Zero Mode into lists such as ‘Best Asian Fusion Melbourne’, and ‘Best Bottomless Brunch Melbourne’.

Zero Mode had never run Facebook ads while engaged with another agency, relying 100% on organic traffic with no success in attracting new customers. In contrast, with our first-ever campaign, we only spent $20 and generated over 40 new customers. Since 2019, we have been spending an average of $600 per month on advertising.

At Zero Mode, we achieved remarkable success by collaborating with various influencers. By being featured on popular Instagram and Tiktok accounts like BurgersofMelbourne, Sammypurssey, Lauren.vv, Eatswithkayli, DessertsofMelbourne, Melbourne.Food, Erwiny11, Emilywardyo, Hangrybynature and The Urban List, Tiktok influencers attracted a significant influx of customers to the restaurant.

rankONE’s takeover resulted in improved customer service across all platforms by promptly responding to customer inquiries. Prior to our intervention, numerous booking requests were overlooked due to a lack of responsiveness.

Following the launch of TikTok in 2022, Zero Mode experienced an immediate surge in customer traffic that coincided with the posting of TikTok videos.

In addition to achieving a remarkable 6,000% growth in revenue for Zero Mode, we collaborated closely with them to boost their profits. Through extensive research, we identified their suppliers and assisted them in negotiating better deals, resulting in a 15% reduction in necessary expenses across the board.