Since 2009, rankONE Has Grown 350+ Hospitality Venues Australia-wide

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rankONE was established in 2009
Initially, a company that focused purely on search engine optimisation (SEO) has changed many directions to finally find our true niche – being restaurant marketing and helping hospitality businesses become more profitable.

In 2011 rankONE became Google AdWords certified and a Google partner
SEO and AdWords were our game and we were gained great exposure to land us some fantastic long-term clients. We partnered with another agency and grew to 18 staff members with our offering increased to include Web Design, Web Development, Website Hosting, SEO, AdWords, Social Media Management, and more. We were running online marketing seminars and working with clients such as Swinburne University, Acquire Learning, and NOVO Shoes.

2015 the game changed for rankONE
We decided to scrap Web Design, Web Development, Website Hosting, Seminars and we took our online marketing knowledge and put it towards helping the hospitality industry. Previously we would serve anyone and everyone, but in 2015 we decided hospitality needed us! Our knowledge of search and marketing for the previous 7 years helped us become the leaders of the industry very quickly.

2020 when the world ended
Hospitality went into lockdown and Covid Chaos hit.

The rankONE team didn’t stop throughout 2020. We were working around the clock for our clients making sure they knew we had their backs. When disaster strikes, we adapt – and not only do we adapt, we excel and lead the way. With our collective group of clients and feedback, Covid was a time to become better operators, test new ideas and strategies, research, and build better systems to increase our clients revenue.

In a year that for some was a complete write-off, rankONE initiated Consortium Food Group, a concept that immediately starting generating greater profits to the hospitality industry.

2022 The Year of Video
Instagram Reels and Tiktok have been a key to success in 2022. With the rise of video content we immediately grew our content team and focused on learning and understanding the algorithm to get the most exposure possible for our clients.

Hospitality requires experience, awareness, managing expenses, and relationships.

The rankONE team has all the essential ingredients to get any hospitality business more profit. We have proven results with over 350 venues Australia-wide.

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