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Facebook, Instagram and Influencer Marketing

Social Media for Restaurants and Cafes – We guarantee to reach more than 55k Melbourne residents each month


Food photography is proven to increase sales by 35%

Food and Drink

We plan, style, shoot and create content for social media, websites and print.

Food Photography


Video content has the highest chance to go viral

Fresh and New

Our social media videos can be seen anywhere between 20,000 to 600,000+ users.

Viral Video Content


42% of Australians follow food related accounts

Brand Awareness

Our network of instagrammers in Melbourne has a combined total of over 1,000,000 users.

Instagram Management


95% of internet users have a Facebook account

Local Marketing

Target users within a radius of your business. Facebook is essential for success.

Facebook Marketing


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“Before rankONE started marketing for our venue Demazzi Stone Grill, we were seeing on average 400 customers per week. After 2 years of working together, our numbers have grown to 3,000+ on a weekly basis.” Adam • Demazzi Stone Grill


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Our latest news includes information on Food Photography, Social Media Management, Influencer Outreach, Trip Advisor Optimisation, Zomato Management and even SEO and Adwords in relation to Food PR in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Social Media Marketing


1,000,000+ Melbourne followers built for brand awareness One way of increasing customer engagement is simply to encourage customers to spend time on your website and more time on your social accounts. Instagram and Facebook can

Food PR


Melbournian's love food, Facebookers and Instagrammers alike are more and more often taking pictures on their mobile phones and uploading them to social media to their networks. Customers are picking their choice of food destinations


The rising labour, food and lease prices and increasing commodity costs of items like utilities and gas have put a real strain on café owners. A solution to help alleviate the pressure is promoting your café and its products successfully through social media. Well marketed cafes in Melbourne stick out from the competition and are those that will show increased profits year on year.

Cafe Marketing doesn’t just mean advertising: it’s the procedure which encompasses your entire sales structure. Do a budget on how much you will need to spend to create real financial growth for your cafe. A guideline is to spend on advertising 5% of your gross income and up to 10% for start ups of a new cafes from the initial year. If your cafe is not making any profit, we have a solution and a suitable package to turn things around.

  • 91% of restaurant customers read reviews on local websites or apps
  • 84% considered these reviews as dependable as a personal recommendation
  • 90% read less than 10 reviews before making deciding on what restaurant to visit

Review websites like Zomato and Trip Advisor are providing consumers with a platform to examine and rate companies in real time – which makes them a valuable asset to companies who provide exceptional customer experiences.

Implementing and tailoring social media to construct a social network and to optimise client relationships using streams like Facebook and Instagram, is now a natural addition in all restaurant marketing campaigns. Social media promotions should be engaging and interactive. Good visual enticements such as photographs and video of appetising food, drinks and customers.

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