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Professional Videos for Restaurants and Cafes

Cafe and Restaurant Viral Videos

With our extensive Facebook marketing knowledge, paired with audience selection and the right video content, we guarantee to reach more than 35k people, with the potential to reach over 1m.

The impact of a viral Facebook video could see an increase of $2,000-$40,000 in additional revenue over a monthly period.

Viral videos are extremely common for us, in fact, we are seeing video’s reach over 50,000 users on a weekly basis for our clients. Sometimes, our videos get more reach and engagement than Broadsheet, Urbanlist and Concrete Playground combined.

For emediate traction and a noticable impact directly from a social media post, a viral video is imperative to any restaurant or cafe looking for growth!

The turnaround time for one of these videos is usually 48-72 hours after the content has been captured, with the post being pushed live on a day between Monday-Thursday for the best  result.