Project Description

From 15th Franchise to 1st in Australia

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The Groove Train
Plenty Valley, Vic

REACH: 250,000
ROI: 6,000%

Photography, Videography, Instagram Management, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Menu Consulting, Responding to Reviews, Influencer Management.

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The Problem

The Groove Train Plenty Valley engaged with rankONE in April 2016. At the time they were ranked number 15 out of 26 for performance against the other Groove Train venues.

All franchisees must have the same menu, prices, and promotions. Marketing is included in the monthly franchise fee.

The team wanted to generate more exposure, create hype and try to move up the ranks as the best performing store (which obviously meant increased revenue).

The Solution

As a franchise, The Groove Train was limited to menu changes due to all venues having to have the same. We could however introduce a specials menu that was exclusive to Plenty Valley.

With the help of one of our menu consultants, we tweaked and introduced 6 new burger options, 10 flavoured freak shakes, and a dessert board. With some high-quality photography and targeted Facebook marketing campaigns to the perfect audience, we moved Plenty Valley from 15th to 1st within a 10 month period.

The Groove Train measures performance on the highest turnover and revenue. With the ongoing management and consistent content, Groove Train Plenty Valley has maintained its position as the number 1 Groove Train in Australia for over 3 years.

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