Project Description

59 Therry Street, Melbourne

1300 614 892

Pufflets, Melbourne CBD

Timing is everything and when it came to Pufflets, it was right time, right place. Pufflets had been in operation for around 6 months before we started working with them and as soon as we started, everything fell into place. After a viral video that reached over 60,000 users, we organised a feature on BuzzFeed which saw even further increase. The BuzzFeed content team is normally based in Sydney and only come to Melbourne once a year but happened to be in town as we were building momentum to boost their brand even more.

Pufflets customer base doubled during the first 2 months of working together. The professional photography, video content, competitions and influencer outreach definately put them on the map and got them noticed.

Project Details

Instagram Management
Facebook Marketing
Responding to Reviews
Influencer Outreach
Publication Mentions

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