Project Description

1000% Growth in Revenue

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Demazzi Stone Grill
Essendon, Vic

REACH: 650,000
ROI: 12,000%

Photography, Videography, Influencer Management, Facebook Ads, Responding to Reviews, Publication Mentions.

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The Problem

Demazzi Stone Grill had been in operation for 10+ years. The locals knew them as a place to go for a special occasion. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day etc. The problem was, they were open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 7 days a week and those occasions were not so frequent.

Although Demazzi Stone Grill was not actively looking for someone to help them with their marketing, after our team created ‘The Lucky Mac’, they chose to give us a chance.

At this stage Demazzi had 2 burgers on their menu, no milkshakes or extravagant desserts.

The Solution

Our first introduction was a burger called ‘The Lucky Mac’ – This was an instant success and saw a noticeable revenue increase within 1 week.

Next came the ‘Golden Gaytime Milkshake’ – Equally as successful as the burger, all customers who order a burger, now combined with a milkshake.

Although these newly viral creations created hype, the team at Demazzi also noticed a spike in Stonegrill sales, in fact, without too much promotion, the Stonegrills were selling out on a daily basis.

Targeted Facebook Ads were receiving 2,500+ comments and within 6-8 months, Demazzi felt like it was fathers day, every day! (Fully booked for lunch and dinner)

Demazzi had become a destination venue that customers would travel 2+ hours to visit. The team adapted exceptionally well in managing their growth, they renovated to accommodate more customers, extended the menu, and kept the standard of food at the highest quality.

The weekly revenue at Demazzi increased to a consistent average of $120,000+ per week from below $10,000 pre-working with rankONE.

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