Project Description

1142 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon

1300 614 892

Demazzi Stone Grill, Essendon

Demazzi Stone Grill was not on the lookout for someone to take over their marketing, they were not looking for growth and didn’t know the power of social media. They had been in operation for over 10 years and were happy doing their thing… until rankONE came to the table.

When we started with Demazzi, they had 2 burgers on their menu, no milkshakes or extravagant desserts and were predominantly a stone grill venue that would get busy around Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Labour Day and the likes. Today, you cannot go there for dinner on a weeknight without a booking and a day doesn’t go by without them selling out of food.

A business that was taking no more than $6,000 per week, now turns over more than $70,000.

Project Details

Facebook Marketing
Responding to Reviews
Influencer Outreach
PR Events
Publication Mentions

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