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There are only a few Australian owned Facebook pages that can make a food and drink related video go viral and WE have access to all of these pages! Our videos have reached over 1m views on multiple occasions and venues have been swamped after the 10,000+ comments made on the video.

The first time one of our videos went viral it happened by accident, probably because we were not really trying to achieve that result. We alternated our normal SnapChat stories into a Facebook compilation and BOOM! 15,000+ comments and 1.5m reach – we saw a growth of over 2,000 new followers and we created a 1hr line to the venue within 24 hours.

After seeing the success of the viral video once, we thought we would try again, and again, and again – and every time we tried, the results were always the same. The videos may not have received the same sort of engagement every single time, but what they did was always generate instant venue traffic.

With our extensive Facebook marketing knowledge paired with audience selection and the right video content it is almost guaranteed success.