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TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday

rankONE was born in 2009 after an ultimatum arose between looking for a new job or creating one. Initially a company that focused purely on search engine optimisation (SEO) has changed directions to find our true calling being restaurant marketing. Our true love SEO will always be apart of the business, just not the core of our current service base.

In 2011 rankONE became Google AdWords certified and a Google partner. SEO and AdWords were our game and we were gained great exposure to land us some fantastic long term clients.

2013 saw us go pro and turn a small search related company into a large full service digital agency. We grew to 15 staff members and our offering increased to include Web Design, Web Development, Website Hosting, SEO, AdWords, Social Media Management and more. We were running online marketing seminars and were winning clients as big as Swinburne University.

In 2015, the original rankONE crew realised that although business was great, the direction was just not where we had imagined it, going to work was not fun and we couldn’t wait for the weekend – TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) couldn’t come quick enough. We decided to give up the big agency road and go back to our roots – all the web services scrapped and back to just offering search marketing related services.

2017 was when the game changed. We found our niche! We took our online marketing knowledge and put it towards helping the hospitality industry. Previously we would service anyone and everyone, but now that we have picked just one industry we have become the experts and the best at what we do. Our knowledge of search and marketing for the previous 8 years has helped us become the leaders of the industry. rankONE has grown from 15 restaurants to 70 in a year, it is no longer TGIF but now TGIM. The team LOVE their jobs because there really is nothing else like what we do. We work in an industry and offer a service that did not exist when rankONE first started.

The rankONE team has all the essential ingredients to get any hospitality business more customers. We have proven results and are the leaders in the industry.