Keeping an eye on what is being said and responding rationally can greatly impact a buyers decision

Turning a Negative into a Positive

The easiest way to get rid of bad publicity and manage your online reputation is to be friendly with the person who wrote the review. If you are nice to them and fix the issue that made them write the bad review in the first place, there is more chance they will remove the review themselves.

If they do not want to remove the review...

A number of online reputation management techniques can be implemented to push the negative review off the first page of results.

  • Build up all of your social accounts and be active.
  • Create a .com and .net version of your website.
  • Use the keyword in question as usernames across free blog networks.
  • Organise friends and family to write good reviews on both the site in question as well as other review websites.
  • Write testimonials for your clients while mentioning your name/company.
  • Build links into all of the newly created properties to push past the bad review.