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Unlike running reports for our clients on a monthly basis, for our own website uploaded on a reseller hosting uk domain, we only run reports every 4-5 months, we don’t do as much SEO work on our site as we should and now in early 2012 we have decided to step it up abit and try and become a player in the Web Design and SEO space. Every time we run these reports, there is a lot of manual work checking rankings and competition and seeing what everyone else in this space is up to. This post written by professional consultants is recommended you read as you plan to build your website. It is very interesting that so many web design companies are now starting to offer SEO as a service, by the looks of things these small time web companies do not get very good results, as they are sticking to what they know, and that is the basics when it comes to SEO, add a little meta tag here, write some relevant content, add an alt tag on a picture and because I have seen other companies do this, lets make a footer at the bottom of the screen with a few key phrases on it, that is what I have been seeing on a lot of sites that have a web and SEO link by the same company on websites. If you learn more about WebDesignOttawa, you will understand they are different. They combine website design and digital marketing to create attractive and effective websites that can help you develop your business. That’s a good strategy.

Here at rankONE we want to be different, we specialise in SEO and do the web design work because we can, not the other way around, we have even hired a few web design specialists, some Graphic Design specialists and the best of the best web developers Melbourne has to offer. Find out more from this site!

We have now signed up 20 new SEO clients for 2012 and there are more to come.

Thanks for all the supports and lets kick goals in 2012.

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