The Cost of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is free because all you need is an Internet connection to do it, right? Not exactly. In order to [implement, apply, execute] a good SEO strategy, it takes time. First, it takes time to learn the complexities of SEO. Sure, there are tons of free resources online, like this good article I was recently reading which explained how to find if penguin penalty has hit your website or not, but SEO is really one of those things that you can’t truly “get” until you actually start executing it. It takes years to truly understand the procedure and even then, it’s always changing. SEO is entirely different now than it was even just a few years ago. Second, it takes time, and lots of it, to really carry out an SEO strategy. It can take months or even years to see profitable results. Once results are seen you can’t take a break because they can disappear much quicker than they appear. The only way to say that SEO is free is if you believe that your time isn’t worth anything.

Since many businesses and website owners don’t have the kind of time needed to dedicate to SEO, they look to hire an in house SEO expert or an agency. In some cases they are surprised to find out what kind of salary an SEO expert expects to earn or an SEO agency is expected to be paid because they maintain the mentality that “anyone can do it”. This is where some companies make some unwise decisions. Generally the companies seek for organic SEO services, which means that your web pages are optimized for related keywords. An SEO company specializing in local services is your chance to get more web traffic, leads, and sales from local consumers.

Some companies decide that a current in-house marketing person can handle search engine optimisation duties. However, in most cases, that employee’s plate was already full. There is a reason that SEO is a full time job. In order to get the attention that it deserves, it can’t just be a small part of one’s job. Since SEO is more about the future and long term rather than the “right here, right now” short term goals, SEO and web work will be the first to be pushed to the side when things get busy. Optimisation plays a crucial role in the growth of a business today and the overall web presence of your company and it really can’t be ignored.

Another approach, according to the recent posts about it on, is that companies tend to hire a company that promises to deliver amazing results at a cheap rate. Well, it’s cheap for a reason. It’s cheap because it’s low quality and often will process no results, and if results are achieved, they will not be for competitive key phrases – so it will still be no value. While the short term benefit might be appealing, the headache that it will cause in the long term just isn’t worth it.

What it comes down to, is realising that website optimisation is an art, and although anyone can do it, not everybody can do it well. If you want to see an increase in quality traffic to your website, it’s going to cost you, either in time or money, and if you don’t have the time to dedicate to the hard work that it takes to learn SEO and develop and implement a strategy (which none of us do), you need to be willing to spend the money.

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