Website Promotion

For your web site to succeed, you must optimise your website with the help of an SEO Agency, for the search engines. Website’s NEED top rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and the newly formed BING. The higher the ranking, the more likely viewers will come and visit your web site. For your site to attract the largest amount of traffic it needs to be in the top positions in the search engines.

Website promotion and Google Optimization involves making your website relevant via content for the search engines to read as well as giving your website the popularity it needs to that when Google visits your website they believe YOU! have the best services/products to offer. Keywords help not only viewers find your site but the web crawlers the search engines also. They scan your site’s content and pick up on keywords. If you use the keyword or phrase several times within the body of your content, the web crawlers notice. The most your web site relates to the keyword to the search engine, the more likely it will rank high when that keyword is used in a search by a consumer. Social Firestarter website will help you to attract new clients in a short period of time.

Another guaranteed website promotion technique is the use of the Title tags within your web site. That’s the heading at the very top of the page white letters on a blue background. Inside the HTML code, you place a Title tag that describes your web site in a few words. Using the keywords again is a must. Although stuffing this area with keywords may not bring in the customers, this area is what comes up in the search engines that people see when they search your website, this area needs to sound inviting as well as having your key phrases placed to that the right target market coming into your website.

Adam Rose – Sales Manager