Kids Birthday Parties – How To Party on a Budget

Kids birthday parties have gotten more and more extravagant over the past couple of years, but perhaps those days are over, and likely that’s for the best. Times are tough now, before wasting your money on in necessary things, with gasoline means over $4 and a visit to the supermarket requiring a trip to the bank before you go. Most of us need to watch our costs, and create a Budget And Invest for the birthday party. However, it’s still possible to have a marvellous celebration of this childhood milestone on a tightened budget. Kids at least through the preteen years of 11 and 12 aren’t impressed by what you invest; they just want to have a great time.

All of the components of a successful kids birthday party offer opportunities for savings: the invitations, the decorations, the paper products, the food can come from a cheap provider with a halal certificiation, the activities, the party favours. However, the single most important factor in limiting your party expense without sacrificing the fun is your choice of venue.

Have your party at home, the old fashioned way or choose escape rooms if you want to go outdoor, as either way you are bound to save a ton of money. Choose activities and games that keep the kids engaged and focused, and they will do what you’ve planned rather than ransack your home. Limit the mess they might make to controllable substances- paper, craft supplies which could be easily vacuumed up. Keep the numbers down to a level which you can contain to only a couple of rooms that will then have to be cleaned.

Use one of the numerous free clip art sources you may find on the web, or your Microsoft Word online clip art. Use a kid-friendly font for your text along with some bright text colours for visual appeal. Do the same in your invitation envelope to make it distinct and special. It doesn’t have to be a professional job; it needs to get the children excited about your child’s upcoming birthday party.

Party Decorations need to set the mood for fun, not cost a fortune. They’ll look at your decorations for about 30 seconds, and move on to the fun, so they can easily be limited to your entrance way. Use bunches of colourful balloons – blow them up yourself instead of paying for helium filled and tack them up with paint-friendly tack tape. Make tissue paper flowers with your birthday girl to get a nice together activity and use those for decorations. Decorate the birthday child’s chair for the cake and ice cream with curled ribbon to produce a birthday throne. Place confetti on the table, or use flowers from the garden, colourful fall leaves or sprigs from evergreens.

Character plates and napkins cost about twice as much as plain coloured ones. Mix your colours for a festive effect. Make fans from your brightly coloured napkins or roll each napkin and tie with multi coloured curly ribbon. Put a large, bright tissue paper flower at each girls’ place. Print out each guests name in a fancy font and bright colours, add a few cute clip art or a pretty edge, cut them to size and glue to every guest’s paper cup. Use your own silverware rather than buying throw away plastic.

The kids don’t come to your party to consume. They come to have a good time, and unless you have scheduled your party at a mealtime, they don’t need a good deal of food. Nor do they require a good deal of sugar to increase their excitement level. Keep it simple and inexpensive: a bowl of pretzel sticks, a huge bowl of red and green apples, water or soda. And avoid the huge cost of a bakery cake. Your next best choice is to use a supermarket store-bought cake for about half the cost of a bakery cake. If you do-it-yourself, your cake decorations can be as elaborate or simple as your skill and time permits, we got everything she wanted and even a mexican poncho for the pinata. Using the decorating tubes in the grocery store, everyone can write the birthday child’s name on the cake and add a couple floral icing dabs to create a fairly birthday cake.

Make the goody bags, 4all Promos has the best products. Even with just a small candy and a cheap key chain, these will cost you at least $2 a piece, which totals $20 for a small party of 10.

The centrepiece of any kids birthday party is the actions- the birthday party games. You may find on an overwhelming variety of game ideas on the web, many of which can be tweaked to follow on your party’s theme. This is the place to spend your time and brainpower because this is the fun that will determine the success of your birthday celebration. Use the money you saved on invitations, food, goody bags and decorations hire someone to come to your home to entertain, it’s fun for both the kids and the parents.

Choose 1 party action where they make something that they can take home in a bomboniere box.

It’s the children having fun as a group, the birthday child’s day in the sun, that make your child’s birthday party special. It’s not the paper plates or the goody bags. So it’s easy to control your party expenses when you bear this in mind.

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Video and User Interaction

Research has shown that client testimonial videos will bring you more business and that is due to.

  1. Over 70% of customers consulting reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek).
  2. Almost 80% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations (Brightlocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2014)

Whether you are a selling the perfect product or offering a superior service, you will benefit from using client testimonial videos.

For example, in this video below you will see a representative from Hodges Real Estate talking about a local electrician that they use.

Having a video not only entices the visitor to click play, but it also keeps them on the website for longer. But seeing a representative from Hodges, rather then just reading a testimonial gives Briggs Electrical much more credibility.

These videos can also be shown in a range of places besides your website, YouTube, Social Media, in meetings and presentations and much more.

Having your videos in multiple locations will increase interest and therefore traffic to your website, if shared correctly, it will also improve your ranking in the search engines.

You want your videos to look professional, when you ar looking for a video production company look for someone who can;

  1. Share their knowledge and experience with you to give you the best video.
  2. Get the best response from your client, making them look comfortable in front of the camera.
  3. Deliver a testimonial video that you will be proud to show to future clients.
  4. Take care of the entire production process for you.
  5. Deliver you a high quality, polished testimonial video in any file format you require.

If your testimonial looks amateur, it will make you as a business look amateur.

Most businesses, when they think social media promotion, they think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. However, YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social networks in the world – in fact, it’s the second biggest website in the world. Which of course means huge reach and immense possibilities for increasing awareness of your business, driving more traffic and engagement, and generating more leads.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you why and how to use YouTube to promote your business.

Why YouTube? YouTube in numbers

Before we get into the why’s and how’s, here are some useful stats that will help you understand why YouTube is such a great platform for businesses:

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, as well as the second biggest website, with over 1 billion registered subscribers

  • People watch 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day
  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds on mobile than any TV channel or cable TV network
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 year olds in the US than any TV network

And YouTube isn’t really showing signs of slowing down, which makes things pretty clear: people of all ages, from all over the world, love watching videos online.

Which, of course, is one of the biggest benefits from a promotional point of view: YouTube is where your audience is. A good YouTube strategy can help you reach more people and improve your results overall.

But, where do you start? Check the latest yta method reviews.

Create a YouTube strategy

YouTube can be more time-consuming than other social networks; after all, it’s one thing to write an update and create images versus consistently creating new video content. The good news is, it’s easier than ever – but before we get into video creation, let’s talk strategy first.

To start with, what do you want to achieve with YouTube and video marketing? What are your exact goals? For example:

  • Improving brand awareness and engagement
  • Generating more leads and conversions
  • Driving more traffic to your website
  • Improving sales

How the Print Management Software Makes Printing Easier and Cheaper

In any large or small organization there is usually a lot of printing done in a single day. Whether it is a business firm, a school or any type of entity, printing needs to be done almost every day. Companies spend a lot of money on printing and printing materials and they all wish they all had a way of saving costs when it comes to printing procedures. Well it is time to smile because you can now save both your time and money with the Print Management software. This software will help to fulfil all your printing demands and at the same time make the printing work easier for both you and your employees.

The task of printing is very difficult for network printers. Imagine having to wait for everyone else to finish printing so that you can now go take your prints. This means that even if you needed the prints urgently then you do not have any other choice but just wait. Other situations like having the employees walk all around the offices with large bundles of paper in their hands can also be changed by this print management software. An office looks much disorganized when everyone is running around aimlessly with papers.

In large business firms the cost of printing covers more than just the paper and the toner. The business owner or administrator also takes care of any printing done in networked places. If you have the print management software then you will not have to do so much work yourself. You will not have to wait to take turns at the printing machine. You can also get as many prints as you want at any time. This makes it convenient for the large companies where printing is done in large numbers and by many members of the staff.

To make the software work efficiently, there are some rules that have to be given to it. Once the rules have been given they can be changed at any time and all you need is to press a button. You can even decide not to tell anyone in your company about the rules and they will not know. This print management software also helps you in managing the kind and quantity of printing that is done in your company. You can control the amount of printing done by an employee and also decide whether they can do colour printing or just black and white when using the flyer templates

You can manage the users in one group according to their locations. To get the best benefits of this software you do not need a lot of configuration. All you need is to know how to feed the rules to the software and you will be able to use it. The print management software is dependable in making your printing work easier. It is the best solution for you if you have been spending a lot on network printing. It can also prevent your employees in making so many prints that are not even necessary by controlling how much they print per day.

Author Bio:
This content is written by Emma Alice who is working for,  which provides Good Graphic or designing work and there is also available good quality of Printsmart Stationary on reasonable rates.  Emma is also interested in sharing her experience and ideas through her written articles.

How to Make Your Website Load Faster

For every website owner, apart from knowing how to improve their business rank about which you can read my review here, the loading speed of the website is essential. Every website owner wants that their website should load faster as it makes it look better to the visitors and users. Besides this there are lots of benefits of faster loading of website and the webmaster should always try to optimize his/her website in such a way that it loads quickly. Not only faster, but the fastest.
In this article, it is discussed about how to make your blog/ website run faster. Before, discussing this it is discussed about the benefits of having a fast blog.

Benefits of having a fast blog

The basic goal of search engines is to provide the best possible results to the visitors. The websites on search engines moves up and down in ranking because of the changes in algorithms, and hence the criteria of search ranking changes so that the best possible results are provided to the searchers. Faster loading speed is also one of the element on which the search ranking is based. Therefore, every website owner wants to get the fast loading speed of the website so that they rank higher in search results. In a nutshell, following are the benefits of faster loading speed:

  • Higher rankings on search engines
  • More Page views
  • Saves your readers
  • Best user experience
  • Provide excellent online reputation

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the faster loading speed

  • Compress your images: Save all of your images into one folder and then use any of the tools to compress it. is one of the image compressing tools by Yahoo. Upload all your images where they can be compressed and then download them in a zipped file. Then you can re-upload them to your blog. Both of these techniques will reduce your page size and loading time by at least 25%.
  • Delete sidebars tools: Delete the useless widgets and gadgets in the sidebar of your blog, footer etc. These gadgets which are not of any use are a main bug in reducing the speed. Try to delete as many gadgets as possible and this will reduce the page size hence allowing it to load faster.
  • Remove Extras: remove extra plugins, photos, texts, third Party widget from your blog. If you have any extra text or image in the sidebar that is useless or have any of the crappy HTML widgets then remove it.
  • Compress your scripts: Compress all of your JS (Java script). Go to JS Compress, upload your JavaScript there and have it compressed. Once it gets compressed, re-upload it to your web page.

Summary: faster loading speed of your blog/website can help you a lot in higher search ranking and better user experience. So, you must ensure that, you optimize your site effectively.

Author Bio:

Emma is a professional Content Writer, Working with SEO Rank Smart A SEO Rank Smart Emma is working hard to spread knowledge of current SEO Statics, among the reader. Followed by  Google+.

Facebook – How To Get More Likes

The above picture was sources from – this is a new client of ours and was interesting to see that the first slide to come across the screen was this picture.

Are companies now starting to think a ‘like’ is more effective than an email address sign up?

There is no more ‘sign up here to receive great deals’ it has now just gone to ‘like us for deals’.

Social signals do pay a small roll in Google rankings, so the more human likes, the more chances of interaction with your company and therefor better search positions with Google.A good marketing company like Los Angeles Social Media Agency can make your social and overall your business to boost to its best point.

This image was setup as a test to see how the public would react and at the time of this post, they currently have 426 likes on their facebook page.

The placement of the ‘like button’ above the picture has also been strategically placed to make sure when seeing the large ‘like’ image, that the users can actually find the button without having to leave the screen or the page.

Since this test has been put in place, we have seen an increase of over 200 extra likes.

This is a great way to increase likes to your page and show your website visitors all the specials available and to keep your advertising in front of them and in this case, making sure when users think Outdoor Playground Equipment, they think Lifespan Kids.

Cost Effective SEO – Is There Such A Thing?

‘Cost Effective SEO’ is term used by someone who is looking for a cheap SEO price, but doesn’t want a cheap service.

When thinking ‘Cost Effective’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Affordable’. With SEO, what is affordable? We had a recent award winning SEO agency lead and after sending a proposal and speaking to the potential customer, she laughed at the price and said we were too expensive, she was expecting $10 per keyword per month and wanted to target 10 keyword phrases (Total $100 per month, learn more from this white label seo audit

Without laughing back at her, I asked her ‘how much profit she would make per sale’ and her answer was ‘$30-$40’. Having the numbers in front of us like we always do, it was brought to this potential client that we could potentially bring in over 5,000 visits to her website (this with just 10 phrases and for our normal pricing she would only need to make 10-15 sales per month to pay for the service, her answer was astonishing, it was ‘I cannot afford that, thank you for your effort in researching my industry and putting a custom proposal together for me.

After hanging up, I actually couldn’t believe what I had heard, someone who has their own business, but doesn’t understand ‘return on investment’ and that to get good service you actually have to pay for it. This is the top article on why you should consider hiring a SEO agency to help you develop your business. White Label Reviews help you improve current SEO rankings and conversions.

We are deffinatly not the most expensive SEO Company out there and looking at our competition, we think we are very reasonably priced, we are a mid range price with a premium service. We generate the best SEO leads at lucrative prices and help businesses expand especially small businesses, just as RoofEngine can help roofing companies grab more visibility.

If you are looking for affordable SEO services listed at, ask the question ‘If my profit was $5,000 per month, what am I willing to pay for marketing?’ $100? $500? $1,000?

Personally, I would spend a minimum of $1,000 if I could make 5 x’s the amount back with the potential to make 10 or even 20 x’s that amount.

What do you think affordable SEO is?

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management can be both really good or really bad.

When doing research on a company/restaurant/hotel users are always going to type in the business name into Google to see what kind of talk there is about the company, look at this website to increase your rank with a SEO management.

I know before choosing a restaurant, unless I am just looking for location, I am going to look it up online and see the reviews. If over 90% of users like them then I am there, but if only 60% like them then I am going to read all the reviews and most likely skip that restaurant and move onto one that has a higher percentage.

The same occurs to service businesses, it is good to have a top Google listing, but without a human touch and great reviews, how are you meant to know how good the service is actually going to be, and what kind of workers you want to hire, of course you can also check the criminal record of any work prospect, using a police check wa resources for this purpose. .

I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but when typing in my own business name rankONE, I found nothing about my company, there are so many types of rankONE businesses out their that I get my website in position #1 and then it goes off to rankonesport in #2 which is not even an Australian website.

The bad part of online is that a single bad review can appear on the first page of Google in the matter of hours.

Without knowledge a bad review can just pop up and then you are stuffed.

A mate of mine just told me his story about how he outsourced some work and the next minute 2 bad reviews appeared on the first page of Google for his name from the guy he outsourced too. The relationship didn’t end that well and now a double listing of bad reviews are appearing in the top 5 search results.

Looking at this I thought of things that I would do if this had happened to me.

First I would start social.


I would create accounts with all of these social sites and use my name as the username. Pinterest has reached a new milestone, now reporting more than 250 million monthly active users. Your business can grab plenty of attention from these audiences even without spending money on ads. Find out more about affordable tools such as the Tailwind app pricing to boost your Pinterest and Instagram results.

I would then purchase my name as and any other extension I think I could rank in Australia for.

A few months of SEO to all of these and I would hope my name would be cleared.

I would also start blogging a lot more with my name, comment as many places as possible that links back to my name and also link into sites sitting just below the bad reviews.

Of course I would also get into these sites and try and get some good reviews on board to push the bad reviews out of the way.

If something bad has happened to you and want help setting all of these types of things up, please contact us and we will help as best as we can.

Are companies now starting to think a ‘like’ is more effective than an email address sign up?

There is no more ‘sign up here to receive great deals’ it has now just gone to ‘like us for deals’.

Social signals do pay a small roll in Google rankings, so the more human likes, the more chances of interaction with your company and therefor better search positions with Google.A good marketing company like Los Angeles Social Media Agency can make your social and overall your business to boost to its best point.

This image was setup as a test to see how the public would react and at the time of this post, they currently have 426 likes on their facebook page, read more about acheter des likes facebook réels pas cher and how to do it.

The placement of the ‘like button’ above the picture has also been strategically placed to make sure when seeing the large ‘like’ image, that the users can actually find the button without having to leave the screen or the page.

6 Techniques to Avoid When Optimising Your Site

Presence on the Internet is a vital component of every company’s marketing strategy. But in order to be found, you need to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). And to achieve that, you have to implement proper optimisation strategies. You might need a local Google specialist to guide you through optimisation strategies.

Apart from keeping best practices in mind, it is also important to be aware of methods that get your site penalised by Panda and Penguin, two of Google’s ranking algorithms. With that in mind, here are techniques that you should avoid at all costs:

#1 Building low-quality backlinks for ranking purposes

Although these play a crucial factor in getting your page onto the first page of SERPs, using sneaky methods is frowned upon by Google. So, what are the ones you need to steer clear.

One, you should never buy links. It definitely helps to be at the top after a search query, but participating in shady schemes will hurt your ranking efforts.

Two, you should avoid links with the same anchor text. Getting a lot of similar ones is seen as spamming and could get your portal penalised. So it is important to monitor this to ensure a diverse link profile.

Now, if you really want to build high-quality backlinks and niche edits links to enhance the SEO of your website, one of the best options is guest posting. But this should not just be on any blog; it must be on a reliable site. Doing this helps drive relevant traffic to your site.

#2 Stuffing keywords

These are important in getting your website or any of its pages to rank in SERPs. But including too much signals Google’s algorithms of a violation. Although it is not an offense to repeat keywords, they just need be spaced out right within your content.

Furthermore, this does not only apply to the text within your posts but to those in your page titles as well. In general, you should avoid repeating keywords in the title more than once.

#3 Manipulating internal links

As reported by SearchUp the first point stressed the importance of quality backlinks. This one focuses on linking within your Web site. Now, it is a fact that link building (both on-page and off-page) is a major factor in doing well on search results.

But in order to make it natural looking and not “spammy”, diversity should be taken into account.

So instead of linking to one page with the same anchor text, try to differentiate it each time.

#4 Implementing a complex navigation structure

Nothing turns a Web visitor off more than a site that is difficult to navigate. Since user engagement plays a huge role in ranking, it is best to design one where users find what they are looking for immediately.

Also equally important is the integration of social media buttons in your portal, for this you will need to learn about Social Media Marketing. You should put up icons linking to your profile on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn. In addition, you should also add buttons to your content so they could share what they find interesting through various channels. Furthermore, how you go about this and what networks you want to participate in should be part of your social media optimisation strategy.

#5 Placing a lot of advertisements

Although you might want to earn a little extra through ads, excessive placement on your website makes it hard for users to find what they are searching. In fact, Google scoffs at this and even rolled out an improvement to their page layout algorithm to address this issue.

#6 Online Selling 

When used effectively, social media can produce major benefits for your business. Beyond helping businesses boost online sales, social media marketing allows brands to have two-way interactions with consumers and sell services online. This provides valuable feedback about your brand, products, industry and even competitors.

Parting thoughts

Getting a good ranking on Google is important for any business. But in order to get there, you need to abide by the rules and practice good SEO. Although it might take a while for you to get to the top, it would definitely be worth the wait, especially if you are not slapped with violations.

Successful Christmas Campaign

If you have ever looked for Christmas Hampers on Google, you would have come across Hampers With Bite, a rankONE SEO client that has been at the top of Google for the last 4 years in a row. During the last 4 Christmas’s, this website has received 92,870 visits into their website, with these sort of number coming into their site, they also had 472,419 page views.

Just to break down how we got these numbers, they have come direct from Google Analytics and have been taken from November 8th to December 23rd for each year, each year we have seen an additional 5,000 extra visits increase and this year so far we are on target to receive over 35,000 visits in a 6 week period.

Breaking it down even further to show the value of SEO, 86% of the traffic was organic, 5.7% of the traffic was direct (ie, 5.4% was adwords pay per click and 3% was from Bing/Yahoo – Bing traffic was most of that percentage as it was over double the amount of clicks.

Here is a screen shot from today 28/11/2012. Top of adwords (5.4%) and Top of organic (86%).


Another proven result about how SEO can help your business.

If you would like your business in this position, please call us on 1300 614 892.