meta name=”news_keywords”

Google has just brought back the reading of meta keywords. But unlike the old spammy meta keyword tag, the new tag is for articles only and is limited to only 10 keywords, something Google should have done with the old meta keywords a long time ago.

I have found the following extract from Google support.

By implementing the news_keywords metatag you can specify which keywords are most relevant to your articles. For example, in an article about the World Cup you could add the following code to help Google News better understand the nature of your content:


Keywords could also be used to help disambiguate between related terms. Again, if this particular publisher wanted to specify that this article reported on soccer’s World Cup — as opposed to rugby’s World Cup — then they could try the following:


Use a comma to separate each phrase or group of keywords. (Commas are the only punctuation allowed in the field.) You can add up to ten phrases for a given article, and all keywords are given equal value. For instance, the first keyword is not considered a stronger signal than the tenth keyword.

Keep in mind, the new meta keyword code is not the only new ranking factor, this will just help your articles rank better in the Google search engine, but will not get you to the top. Consult Atlanta SEO Agency to develop a list of keywords with the highest volume.

The only thing is, we all now need to download the new_meta tag plugin, as no current plugins have this built in.

We will follow up with a short post once we find a plugin that supports it.