Furniture Removals – Some Valuable Moving Tips

The procedure of moving offices is both challenging and intense. It requires a rigid business structure that starts with the organisation of power, phones and internet. There are lots of available businesses that assist with office furniture removals in Melbourne, but many brave people try to undertake the responsibility themselves, not an easy task even if you are well-organised.

If you or someone you know is likely to arrange a move in the near future, make use of the following guidance and also to become educated about the procedure.

Business is Crucial

Although this type of notion might not seem too clear, planning a move during a busy business schedule is not the easiest of tasks. Errors are bound to occur, which is preferable that you’re prepared for them when you’re able to be; being well-arranged helps you to clean up these small incidents before they become large issues.

From the moment you start to pack; ensure that your items are clearly labelled within their containers and keep a written inventory of what is in each box so you know where it goes in the new office. This checklist must be arranged based on what items which you’ll need frequently on the daily basis, it is the first step of becoming an efficient mover. Providing effectively, and easily, effectively prior to the moving time can get you started about the right way.

  • Don’t ignore your fragile things by utilising smooth inside packing supplies inside containers and appropriate supports for furniture, you’ll have the ability to avoid possible harm to your items. In the end, everything within the back of truck or the vehicle will transfer during transportation; ensure that whatever you value gets to your office intact.
  • Don’t overlook the little things. A transfer isn’t completely a real process; it’s a change in the life-style, with a quantity of duties that you might not have appreciated. Ensure that you begin a forwarding address in the event, and look after your resources situation quickly as you can any stray mail gets delivered to your former office.
  • You need to deliver your friends, colleagues, and relatives change of target cards to ensure that information doesn’t wander off within the mail as well. These duties are simply some of things that you need to bear in mind while you begin your moving, so attempt to keep everything arranged by making databases and checking everything off while you finish it. This way, you’ll experience a feeling of achievement any time you achieve nothing and an objective can escape unnoticed.

The moment you are in your new office, ensure that the boxes and office furniture which you labelled are in right areas; this type of simple process can make you feel better once the moment involves unpack and that you don’t need to get running through the office.

All the best and enjoy the move.

4 Reason’s Why I Decided to Buy a Fat Tyre Bike

1 – It allows you to ride to place you have never tracked before

Fat cycles are incredibly attractive to cycling lovers that want to ride in places usually meant for hiking. Fat tyre bikes offer enhanced grip on the most difficult grounds. Whether or not it’s cold slopes or damp rock, muddy trails, you can be taken by these cycles anywhere. Because of the additional hold the broad tires offer, no area is too difficult for your wheels.

Fat tyre bikes were made to reduce the accumulated stress of rider and the bicycle by adding additional contact area. For this reason fat tyres can make a great effect even if the floor is included in snow.

Fat tyres are ideal for riding about on sandy beaches, rocky mountains, grass or dirt tracks.

2 – You are able to cycle aside from weather

Many people are actually into activities and them scare from finishing their training program. Fat tyre bikes adapt to any type of weather. They’ll not wear concrete or damp stone. Neither can they destroy in snow, dirt or rocks, making them an ideal mean of transport in any location and any weather conditions.

3 – Increased comfort throughout the ride

Because they offer superior comfort requirements at lower tyre pressure fat tyres don’t have to be filled to the max. The stress fat tyres are less than 15 psi, maybe even lower. Furthermore, fat tyre bikes therefore are not designed with any type of suspension system and are firm. They don’t actually need any suspension because it is “integrated” in to the tyres. Fat tyres become more squishy at the flexibility of the rubber as well as lower-pressure values helps absorb bumps, increasing comfort.

Because the tyres are wider than normal, that translates into better balance.

4 – Minor maintenance required

Considering fat tyre bikes are firm, the makers didn’t set lots of work in to the body of the cycle. Which means that there aren’t many components that have to be changed and could get broken. You don’t have to be worried about continuous maintenance when investing in a fat bicycle even when it might appear fairly expensive. View it being an investment.

Check out the Fat Tyre Urban Bikes from Progear Bikes – that is where I purchased mine. The staff were really friendly and helped me pick the perfect fat tyre bike.

When Search Demand Creates A Business


In 2012 we were approached by one of the biggest baby stores in Australia to help them with their online marketing strategy – We did the research, we came up with the strategy and we presented one of the best presentations of our lives and we won the job.  After a month of planning and getting contracts signed the company fired their marketing manager and put a hold on all spend that hadn’t started yet, guess who lost the contract, yep, us… we were shattered, we had already spent hours on end coming up with a strategy and had done all the SEO and AdWords research to make sure this client was going to triple their yearly revenue.

A few years later, after a bit of domain trading, we somehow captured the domain – Now we still had the strategy, and now we had a URL, but we didn’t know the first thing about the baby industry, all we knew was that over 250,000 people every single month were typing in baby related searches and the average cost per click was less than $1, a good market by any standards!

Fast forward to 2015 when we became older and wiser, we were expecting our first child and started doing the rounds of baby shopping. We realised that all first time parents cared about, was ‘the best for their child, no matter the cost’.

Remembering about the previous research performed – every shop we went into I spoke to the managers to see what their online strategies were, all of them giving me the same answer, “online is too hard” – “we have too many products” and “we don’t understand how Google works”. Even with my 250k search volume sales pitch, no one was biting. Until I met Catherine, she was extremely switched on and like us, knew the potential in the marketplace, she had a separate budget for SEO, AdWords and Social Media as she knew all 3 working together would be the ultimate online strategy to grow her business.

Come 2016; We now have a marketing strategy, a URL and a supplier, what does this mean? It meant it was time to build a website, join forces and create a joint venture where everybody wins!

What is the aim of this story? Well, now has a website on it and is selling products all over Australia – From what started as a potential customer has now turned into a business.

Lesson Learned

Never delete old proposals and strategies, you will never know when someone in a similar industry or a family member decides to start a business and wants to you help – hours, even days can be saved just by keeping an old record of your work, especially in an industry with high search demand.

We would also like to thank Vikram Jayaprakash for the inspiring talk he gave that lead us to believe in our business venture and that a joint venture is sometimes better than trying to do things alone. We would also like to thank Shelcom Business Registration for sorting us out with our ABNs, Trusts and everything else needed to start a business.

The reasons to hire a stretch limo in Melbourne

If you want the most classic and classy way to get around the city then hire a stretch limousine to take you around Melbourne. You don’t need a special occasion, wedding, or event, to hire a limo as they are a fun and affordable way to enjoy yourself day or night.

Hummer Hire Melbourne can provide you with stunning stretch hummers either black or pink in Melbourne for all types of city adventures. You may want to spoil your girlfriend on a romantic date, take your friends out for a special dinner without the hassle of a designated driver, or take your kids to the theatre without worrying about finding and paying for parking.

Whatever the reason and whatever the season you can’t go past Hummer Hire Melbourne for an unforgettable ride around Melbourne, check them out here

Video and User Interaction

Research has shown that client testimonial videos will bring you more business and that is due to.

  1. Over 70% of customers consulting reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek).
  2. Almost 80% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations (Brightlocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2014)

Whether you are a selling the perfect product or offering a superior service, you will benefit from using client testimonial videos.

For example, in this video below you will see a representative from Hodges Real Estate talking about a local electrician that they use.

Having a video not only entices the visitor to click play, but it also keeps them on the website for longer. But seeing a representative from Hodges, rather then just reading a testimonial gives Briggs Electrical much more credibility.

These videos can also be shown in a range of places besides your website, YouTube, Social Media, in meetings and presentations and much more.

Having your videos in multiple locations will increase interest and therefore traffic to your website, if shared correctly, it will also improve your ranking in the search engines.

You want your videos to look professional, when you are looking for a video production company look for someone who can;

  1. Share their knowledge and experience with you to give you the best video.
  2. Get the best response from your client, making them look comfortable in front of the camera.
  3. Deliver a testimonial video that you will be proud to show to future clients.
  4. Take care of the entire production process for you.
  5. Deliver you a high quality, polished testimonial video in any file format you require.

If your testimonial looks amateur, it will make you as a business look amateur.

How the Print Management Software Makes Printing Easier and Cheaper

In any large or small organization there is usually a lot of printing done in a single day. Whether it is a business firm, a school or any type of entity, printing needs to be done almost every day. Companies spend a lot of money on printing and printing materials and they all wish they all had a way of saving costs when it comes to printing procedures. Well it is time to smile because you can now save both your time and money with the Print Management software. This software will help to fulfil all your printing demands and at the same time make the printing work easier for both you and your employees.

The task of printing is very difficult for network printers. Imagine having to wait for everyone else to finish printing so that you can now go take your prints. This means that even if you needed the prints urgently then you do not have any other choice but just wait. Other situations like having the employees walk all around the offices with large bundles of paper in their hands can also be changed by this print management software. An office looks much disorganized when everyone is running around aimlessly with papers.

In large business firms the cost of printing covers more than just the paper and the toner. The business owner or administrator also takes care of any printing done in networked places. If you have the print management software then you will not have to do so much work yourself. You will not have to wait to take turns at the printing machine. You can also get as many prints as you want at any time. This makes it convenient for the large companies where printing is done in large numbers and by many members of the staff.

To make the software work efficiently, there are some rules that have to be given to it. Once the rules have been given they can be changed at any time and all you need is to press a button. You can even decide not to tell anyone in your company about the rules and they will not know. This print management software also helps you in managing the kind and quantity of printing that is done in your company. You can control the amount of printing done by an employee and also decide whether they can do colour printing or just black and white.

You can manage the users in one group according to their locations. To get the best benefits of this software you do not need a lot of configuration. All you need is to know how to feed the rules to the software and you will be able to use it. The print management software is dependable in making your printing work easier. It is the best solution for you if you have been spending a lot on network printing. It can also prevent your employees in making so many prints that are not even necessary by controlling how much they print per day.

Author Bio:
This content is written by Emma Alice who is working for,  which provides Good Graphic or designing work and there is also available good quality of Printsmart Stationary on reasonable rates.  Emma is also interested in sharing her experience and ideas through her written articles.

How to Make Your Website Load Faster

For every website owner, loading speed of the website is important. Every website owner wants that their website should load faster as it makes it look better to the visitors and users. Besides this there are lots of benefits of faster loading of website and the webmaster should always try to optimize his/her website in such a way that it loads quickly. Not only faster, but the fastest.
In this article, it is discussed about how to make your blog/ website run faster. Before, discussing this it is discussed about the benefits of having a fast blog.

Benefits of having a fast blog

The basic goal of search engines is to provide the best possible results to the visitors. The websites on search engines moves up and down in ranking because of the changes in algorithms, and hence the criteria of search ranking changes so that the best possible results are provided to the searchers. Faster loading speed is also one of the element on which the search ranking is based. Therefore, every website owner wants to get the fast loading speed of the website so that they rank higher in search results. In a nutshell, following are the benefits of faster loading speed:

  • Higher rankings on search engines
  • More Page views
  • Saves your readers
  • Best user experience
  • Provide excellent online reputation

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the faster loading speed

  • Compress your images: Save all of your images into one folder and then use any of the tools to compress it. is one of the image compressing tools by Yahoo. Upload all your images where they can be compressed and then download them in a zipped file. Then you can re-upload them to your blog. Both of these techniques will reduce your page size and loading time by at least 25%.
  • Delete sidebars tools: Delete the useless widgets and gadgets in the sidebar of your blog, footer etc. These gadgets which are not of any use are a main bug in reducing the speed. Try to delete as many gadgets as possible and this will reduce the page size hence allowing it to load faster.
  • Remove Extras: remove extra plugins, photos, texts, third Party widget from your blog. If you have any extra text or image in the sidebar that is useless or have any of the crappy HTML widgets then remove it.
  • Compress your scripts: Compress all of your JS (Java script). Go to JS Compress, upload your JavaScript there and have it compressed. Once it gets compressed, re-upload it to your web page.

Summary: faster loading speed of your blog/website can help you a lot in higher search ranking and better user experience. So, you must ensure that, you optimize your site effectively.

Author Bio:

Emma is a professional Content Writer, Working with SEO Rank Smart A SEO Rank Smart Emma is working hard to spread knowledge of current SEO Statics, among the reader. Followed by  Google+.

Facebook – How To Get More Likes

The above picture was sources from – this is a new client of ours and was interesting to see that the first slide to come across the screen was this picture.

Are companies now starting to think a ‘like’ is more effective than an email address sign up?

There is no more ‘sign up here to receive great deals’ it has now just gone to ‘like us for deals’.

Social signals do pay a small roll in Google rankings, so the more human likes, the more chances of interaction with your company and therefor better search positions with Google.

This image was setup as a test to see how the public would react and at the time of this post, they currently have 426 likes on their facebook page.

The placement of the ‘like button’ above the picture has also been strategically placed to make sure when seeing the large ‘like’ image, that the users can actually find the button without having to leave the screen or the page.

Since this test has been put in place, we have seen an increase of over 200 extra likes.

This is a great way to increase likes to your page and show your website visitors all the specials available and to keep your advertising in front of them and in this case, making sure when users think Outdoor Playground Equipment, they think Lifespan Kids.

Cost Effective SEO – Is There Such A Thing?

‘Cost Effective SEO’ is term used by someone who is looking for a cheap SEO price, but doesn’t want a cheap service.

When thinking ‘Cost Effective’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Affordable’. With SEO, what is affordable? We had a recent SEO lead and after sending a proposal and speaking to the potential customer, she laughed at the price and said we were too expensive, she was expecting $10 per keyword per month and wanted to target 10 keyword phrases (Total $100 per month).

Without laughing back at her, I asked her ‘how much profit she would make per sale’ and her answer was ‘$30-$40’. Having the numbers in front of us like we always do, it was brought to this potential client that we could potentially bring in over 5,000 visits to her website with just 10 phrases and for our normal pricing she would only need to make 10-15 sales per month to pay for the service, her answer was astonishing, it was ‘I cannot afford that, thank you for your effort in researching my industry and putting a custom proposal together for me.

After hanging up, I actually couldn’t believe what I had heard, someone who has their own business, but doesn’t understand ‘return on investment’ and that to get good service you actually have to pay for it.

We are deffinatly not the most expensive SEO Company out there and looking at our competition, we think we are very reasonably priced, we are a mid range price with a premium service.

If you are looking for affordable SEO services, ask the question ‘If my profit was $5,000 per month, what am I willing to pay for marketing?’ $100? $500? $1,000?

Personally, I would spend a minimum of $1,000 if I could make 5 x’s the amount back with the potential to make 10 or even 20 x’s that amount.

What do you think affordable SEO is?

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management can be both really good or really bad.

When doing research on a company/restaurant/hotel users are always going to type in the business name into Google to see what kind of talk there is about the company.

I know before choosing a restaurant, unless I am just looking for location, I am going to look it up online and see the reviews. If over 90% of users like them then I am there, but if only 60% like them then I am going to read all the reviews and most likely skip that restaurant and move onto one that has a higher percentage.

The same occurs to service businesses, it is good to have a top Google listing, but without a human touch and great reviews, how are you meant to know how good the service is actually going to be.

I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but when typing in my own business name rankONE, I found nothing about my company, there are so many types of rankONE businesses out their that I get my website in position #1 and then it goes off to rankonesport in #2 which is not even an Australian website.

The bad part of online is that a single bad review can appear on the first page of Google in the matter of hours.

Without knowledge a bad review can just pop up and then you are stuffed.

A mate of mine just told me his story about how he outsourced some work and the next minute 2 bad reviews appeared on the first page of Google for his name from the guy he outsourced too. The relationship didn’t end that well and now a double listing of bad reviews are appearing in the top 5 search results.

Looking at this I thought of things that I would do if this had happened to me.

First I would start social.


I would create accounts with all of these social sites and use my name as the username.

I would then purchase my name as and any other extension I think I could rank in Australia for.

A few months of SEO to all of these and I would hope my name would be cleared.

I would also start blogging a lot more with my name, comment as many places as possible that links back to my name and also link into sites sitting just below the bad reviews.

Of course I would also get into these sites and try and get some good reviews on board to push the bad reviews out of the way.

If something bad has happened to you and want help setting all of these types of things up, please contact us and we will help as best as we can.